National AN/FRR-24 and AN/FRR-37 Receiver - Restoration

This project got started when I acquired a couple of modules at the Shelby hamfest in 2006 and was intrigued by their design. As usual, one thing led to another, and in February 2007 I obtained most of the modules for one FRR-24 receiver rack. In August 2007 I obtained two more complete FRR-37 receiver racks. And in 2008 I acquired several more FRR-24 receiver racks. Along the way, I also accumulated a couple of AN/FRR-59 receivers, some RTTY gear, etc. This is obviously a project in progress (and out of control!) - see here

I am still looking for some missing FRR-24 modules, particularly two Rack 4 power supplies (PP-648 and PP-649), and two CV-127 FSK converters.

p086.jpg (38387 bytes)
9/07 -Restoration begins
- with helper
rack1-04.jpg (64260 bytes)
11/07 - The FRR-24 works for the first time!1207-racks-01.JPG (61269 bytes)
12/07 - Operating position
1207-racks-02.JPG (57480 bytes)
12/07 Operating position
Left Rack

LS-530 speaker
FRR-31 rcvr
FRR-59 rcvr
CV-89A RTTY conv. 
FRR-49 rcvr
SB-3576/UG  patch panel
Right Rack
FRR-24 rcvr 
(rack 1 only so far)
rack1-05.jpg (35062 bytes)
FRR-24 power and signal connections on rear
p087.jpg (50315 bytes)
first modules mounted
p094.jpg (42110 bytes)
additional modules mounted
p092.jpg (49265 bytes)
BNC cables in rear - before attachment
rack1-07.jpg (46958 bytes)
BNC cables in rear - attached

8/08 REFURBISHING - Preparing 4 racks -  cleaning/painting

rack-02.JPG (197676 bytes)
rack-03.JPG (173212 bytes)
p1010038.jpg (54676 bytes) p1010021.jpg (46939 bytes)
frr-24-16.JPG (34126 bytes)
p1010018.jpg (50753 bytes)
p1010045.jpg (32273 bytes)
p1010020.jpg (67102 bytes)

p1010047.jpg (47746 bytes)

cab-08.jpg (190229 bytes)
racks 1, 2, & 3 ready for reassembly - rack 4 acquired later
cab-13.jpg (201463 bytes)
cables for one rack
cab-09.jpg (58690 bytes)
cables need a little cleaning too
cab-05.jpg (99394 bytes)

cab-107.jpg (199329 bytes)
lacing cables to side panel

cab-10.jpg (86607 bytes)
one side panel done, only seven more to go!  
cab-114.jpg (61858 bytes)
cab-115.jpg (58290 bytes)
OK. two down and six to go
cab-113.jpg (57114 bytes) 

more cabling photos for restoration  

10/08 - acquired Rack #4 with almost all cables - still missing two CV-127's and two power supplies