Navy Communication Equipment Maintenance Bulletins (CEMB)

Communication Equipment Maintenance Bulletin (CEMB) - NAVSHIPS 900,020(A)  (with monthly supplements)
"A medium for providing current maintenance information on shipboard radio communications equipment.  Loose-leaf in form.  Published approximately monthly.  Also contains an "X" section devoted to advance base and shore equipment.  Distributed to all ships (except landing craft.)"

Started in 1944, eventually replaced by EIMB in 1960's?

NAVSHIPS 900,0020A
through Supplement No. 10
(April 1946)

scanned and contributed by Bob Kulow WA2UEH

NAVSHIPS 900,0020A
through Supplement No. 38
(July 1952)

scanned and contributed by Dave Ross N7EPI


Radio & Sound Bulletin - NAVSHIPS 900,011
"A compilation of articles of general interest to radio personnel.  Includes description of new equipments, general instructions and procedures; background information useful to training, installation and maintenance personnel, a section known as "The Forum" which provides a medium for expression of individual and "non-official" opinion.  Published quarterly.  Distribution to all activities concerned with radio."

Electron Magazine NAVSHIPS 900,100 - followed Radio & Sound Bulletin in July 1945