US Navy Electron Magazine Issues 1945-52
NAVSHIPS 900,100

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From Hubert Miller ( K7HUE ) Newport, Oregon,  28 August 2022

Regarding 'U.S.N. Electron' magazine collection: 
In the winter of 1994 - 1995 I moved from Seattle to Omaha, Nebraska to keep my job with a large telecom company. Of course, I kept up with all my electronics publications subscriptions and for-sale lists and such. I was soon surprised and intrigued to see an advertisement for a military manuals seller with an Omaha addresskeystone-biblio.jpg (146437 bytes) only a couple miles from me. The seller, John A. Draus (1942-1995) called his business "Keystone Bibliopolist", after his Keystone neighborhood of Omaha. I made an appointment and went over there one afternoon. Mr. Draus had multiple rooms in the basement of the family home lined with shelves full of manuals. I had acquired a few stray copies of 'Electron' back in Seattle, so I was already aware of this publication and it was on my want list. So I was pleased to be able to buy what the gentleman said was the whole run of this magazine. He told me he acquired these from the man who was the editor of the magazine; when I asked about that gentleman, Mr. Draus told me that this man was recently deceased, so unfortunately I was too late to learn more of the Electron story. Now thinking about it, I am guessing the large manuals stock in the basement may have come from that same source. I did buy maybe a score more manuals, and as always with these short-lived opportunities, I now wish I had not been quite so conservative and had instead bought more. In Spring of 1995 I relocated to Salt Lake City. I placed one more order and with the books, I received a note from Jennifer Draus, his daughter, that Mr. Draus had recently passed away. I do not know what happened with the large stock of remaining manuals. 

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