US Navy Teletype Loop Supplies

PP-424/U Loop Supply

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By maintaining proper switch positions in the TT-23( )/SG teletype panel, overloading of the power supply may be avoided.

The following condition is presented as an example: A ship is equipped with a carrier frequency shift receiver and tone modulated send-and-receive teletype system, which consists of two teletypewriters and the associated terminal set and the converter-comparator group. In installing this system, the converter-comparator group is connected to three loops and the tone terminal equipment is connected to one loop. The remaining two loops of the TT-23( )/SG may or may not be strapped.

When both systems are in operation, two loops will normally be operating, thereby requiring a total of 120 milliamperes. Each loop requires 60 milliamperes for efficient operation. In this arrangement, there is one PP-424/U power supply unit which has a rated output of 200 milliamperes. (In some installations an additional PP-424/U unit is provided as an emergency power supply.)
In setting up the TT-23( )/SG for the above condition of operation, the toggle switches of the two loops being used should be in the local current (LOC. CUR.) position and the other loops not being used should be in the external current (EXT. CUR.) position.

Overloading of the PP-424/U power supply unit will occur if four or more loops draw current, and each loop will draw current if the toggle switch is in the LOC. CUR. position.

PP-610/U Loop Supply 
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120vdc, 125 mA
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PP-765/U Loop Supply
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123 lbs!

Manuf - Power Equipment Co.

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pp765-1511-02.jpg (219892 bytes) pp765-1511-01.jpg (278193 bytes) pp765-1511-03.jpg (239313 bytes) --

PP-987/U Tape Relay Equipment Supply
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For AN/FGC-38, AN/UGC-10 etc.
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Teletype Corp REC-47

PP-987 pages from AN/FGC-38 manual

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PP-987_1.jpg (179871 bytes) PP-987_4.jpg (184810 bytes) PP-987_5.jpg (225989 bytes) pp987-1409-02.JPG (137647 bytes)
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PP-1010/UG Loop Supply

pp1010-ug-01.JPG (760792 bytes) -- --

PP-1011/UG Loop Supply

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Please let me know if you have one of these for sale or trade


PP-1479/FGC Supply
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pp1479-fgc-04.JPG (40966 bytes) Teletype REC-48 ?
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PP-1646/UG Loop Supply

pp1646-ug-01.JPG (583549 bytes) --Need more info!

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PP-1767/UG Loop Supply
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1 ea. 120vdc (1 amp) output
2 ea. 60 ma loop outputs
1 ea. 6vac output

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Used in AN/SGA-3 crypto system
Teletype model REC-49

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Looking for a manual - please send email if you can help

PP-1767B/UG Loop Supply
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1 ea. 120vdc (1 amp) output
2 ea. 60 ma loop outputs
1 ea. 6vac output

Magnetic amp regulation.


Provides loop power for patch panel

40 lbs (!)

PP-1767A Manuf by Digital Electronics Inc

1767A - NAVSHIPS 0967-068-6010 
download 1.4MB pdf

1767B - NAVSHIPS 0967-299-3010
download 1MB pdf

PP-2232/U Loop Supply
PP-3096/U Loop Supply
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 Manual for TMC PSP-1/2 used in Comm Stations

Please let me know if you have one of these for sale or trade

Technical Materiel Corp. (TMC) -

PP-3054/UGC Loop Supply
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pp3054-ugc-01.JPG (578170 bytes) regulated 124vdc @ 1 amp

Tabet Mfg. Co. Inc..

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IMG_8336.JPG (2045728 bytes) IMG_8337.JPG (2059344 bytes) IMG_8338.JPG (1286268 bytes) IMG_8340.JPG (2598515 bytes)
IMG_8341.JPG (1522056 bytes) IMG_8342.JPG (1832038 bytes) IMG_8344.JPG (2149166 bytes) --

PP-3494/UG Loop Supply
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regulated 0.4A, 48vdc or 120vdc supply

PP-3494A/UG manual 
    - NAVSHIPS 94971

Uses "magnetic amplifier" for regulation --

PP-3495()/UG  Loop Supply

PP-3495A/UG Loop Supply

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Same as PP-3494() except 1A.

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(has cover over switch and fuses)
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PP-6521/FGC low-level TTY power supplies

PP-6521 aboard USS Iowa
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PP-6521/FGC alarm & control panel
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for +/- 6v signals

More info in NAVSHIPS 0967-391-6010

download 38 MB pdf