US Navy AN/UGC-136AX, AN/UGC-136BX, AN/UGC-136CX
Teleprinter/Teletypewriter (Canadian AN/UGC-504)

Hurrah! - I finally received a manual via a FOIA request
I now have extra ribbon cartridges - used but serviceable - let me know if you need one

More Photos and Information from Dave VY2AC

Some Restoration Info - from experimenting, not from a manual - use caution!
Please send me any additions, corrections, etc.

Power connector

A = line
B = line
C = ground
115vac, 60 Hz Mating connector = MS3116F145SW
  (on card A1A7)
AM9551 (8251)
data sheet
-- Line Receivers = uA9627 - data sheet
Line Drivers = uA9616 - data sheet
Signal Levels RS-232? -6v = marking
+6v = spacing
use INV switches for MIL-STD-188C Low Level Signaling
(+6v = marking, -6v = spacing)
Data connector 1 = RxD (RX DATA)
2 = TxD (TX DATA)
3 = DSR
4 = DTR
5 = RTS
15 = CTS
25 = GND
these signals are inverted from the USART pins by the line drivers/receivers
Tie DSR to DTR. Note - do not tie CTS to RTS


I got mine working!
ugc136-1711-40.JPG (2019097 bytes)

Power On Initialization - also caused by MASTER CLEAR

Compose/Edit Message - press EDIT MSG, then ENTER - C/E ACT lamp illuminates

  • PRINT ENABLE = ON prints the incoming characters and disables keyboard echo
                                   any buffered characters get printed at high speed (120cps).
    PRINT ENABLE = OFF - incoming message goes to a buffer for later printing. 
                                    Keyboard echo is enabled
                                    MSG ST ACT lamp lights
  • PRINT MSG - prints the composed message with line numbers
  • LINE xx, then ENTER - prints line xx
    • DLTE - deletes line xx
    • INSRT- inserts new lines after LINE xx - EXIT when finished inserting lines
  • DLTE - prints entire message then asks "DELETE ??" - I don't know how to say NO yet!
  • prints EXIT when finished composing 
  • I don't know how to number or save messages yet - there should be storage for 64 messages.

11/21/17 - I cannot transmit keyboard characters or transmit a message yet.....
       - the TX DATA line from the USART is working, because BREAK works, but I get no data...
Update 11/27/17 - I tacked on some wires to scope out the UART - and I found -CTS high. 
I had tied CTS to RTS on the DB25 but that was evidently a mistake.
 (Leaving CTS open works fine because of pull-up resistors on the line receiver input.)
Now I can transmit from the keyboard! - press XMT MSG, then ENTER => XMIT ACT lamp will light.
Turn off Transmit Echo switch, Turn on Transmit Print.
This will put you in full duplex mode - you can receive and transmit at the same time.
          (PRINT ENABLE = OFF lets you send while receiving into a buffer)
          (If PRINT ENABLE = ON, you can still send while receiving/printing but sent characters do not print unless Transmit Echo is on)
But there is no way out of this mode short of Master Clear - you can no longer compose messages.
So I am still missing something in the way this thing is supposed to create/send messages 
              - but at least I can run simple full duplex.

I have requested a manual via a Freedom Of Information Act request - we'll see how that works out.........

AN/UGC-136 Teletypewriter. The AN/UGC-136 teletypewriter is a militarized, low-level, automatic send and receive teleprinter. It has storage, editing, and self-test capabilities. The AN/UGC-136 is controlled by a microprocessor with an internal solid-state memory and has full message composition and editing capabilities. It prints data nominally at 120 characters per second (1200 bps), can transmit or receive at data rates of 50 to 2400 bps, and can operate in switch-selectable Baudot or ASCII codes. The message storage module has a capacity of 12,288 characters. The AN/UGC-136CX is installed onboard submarines and the AN/UGC-136BX is installed on surface platforms. The primary difference between the AN/UGC-136CX and the AN/UGC-136BX is the AN/UGC-136BX has an LED display incorporated on the front panel to allow viewing of text for editing purposes when typed. The keyboard printer weighs approximately 59 pounds, is 8.5 inches high, 15.75 inches wide, and 17.4 inches deep. The power requirements are 115 V ac, 60 Hz, and 100 watts.

The AN/UGC-136CX is a ruggedized send-and-receive teleprinter, controlled by a microprocessor with an internal solid state memory, and full-message composition and editing capabilities; it prints data at a nominal 120 characters per second (1200 bps). It can transmit or receive at data rates from 50 to 9600 bps to or from the message storage memory, and can operate in switch-selectable Baudot or ASCII codes. The storage capacity of 64 messages or 256K random access memory (RAM), permits the short-term storage of received messages while the operator simultaneously composes and stores outgoing messages for transmission. Multiple communication ports also provide a bulk-storage device compatibility.


ugc136ax-1711-21.JPG (2083074 bytes) ugc136ax-1711-22.JPG (2023819 bytes) ugc136ax-1711-23.JPG (1821564 bytes) keyboard
ugc136ax-1711-24.JPG (1958104 bytes)

ugc136ax-1710-02.jpg (212743 bytes)

detached keyboard
ugc136ax-1710-03.jpg (204969 bytes)
ugc136-1711-39.JPG (1866912 bytes) Circuit Board Cage behind Paper Bin
ugc136ax-1711-15.jpg (241016 bytes)
card cage to backplane jumpers
ugc136-1711-32.JPG (1803418 bytes)
ugc136-1711-31.JPG (2359019 bytes)
reverse side of backplane
ugc136-1711-34.JPG (2405939 bytes)
115vac terminal strip under backplane
ugc136-1711-33.JPG (1042780 bytes)
A1A5 - ROM and RAM
ugc136-1711-37.JPG (1768996 bytes)
A1A6 - 8080 microprocessor
ugc136-1711-36.JPG (1867468 bytes)
A1A7 - ROM and UART
ugc136-1711-35.JPG (2330530 bytes)
A1A8 - ? print control?
ugc136-1711-38.JPG (1955717 bytes)
Unit With Print Head But No Ribbon Cartridge
ugc136ax-1711-13.jpg (272395 bytes)
Unit With Print Head But No Ribbon Cartridge
ugc136ax-1711-14.jpg (260701 bytes)
Unit without Print Head
ugc136ax-1711-11.jpg (254110 bytes)
Unit without Print Head
ugc136ax-1711-12.jpg (288612 bytes)

AN/UGC-136BX (ECI) - This one is missing the keyboard

ugc136bx-1607-01.jpg (124375 bytes)

ugc136bx-1607-02.jpg (188930 bytes) ugc136bx-1607-04.jpg (123848 bytes) ugc136bx-1607-05.jpg (109148 bytes)

The commercial designation  is E-Systems T-1148 - see ads below

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