NAVSHIPS 900,109 Navy Type Number Book  - September 1945

"A List of Type Numbers Assigned to Naval Electronic Equipment"

NOTE - Does not include Navy Model Letters for complete equipments 
              (e.g. RBB, TBM, etc.)  - see SHIPS-242A for those listings

Section I - Table of Contents & Introduction - download 1.5MB

Section II - Manufacturers' Designating Symbols - download 8MB

Section III - List of Navy Type Numbers

Section IV - AN Numbered Components - download 41 MB
             (e.g. T-142/ART-23, TS-8A/U, etc. - not complete equipments like AN/ART-23, etc.)

Section V - Radar and Special Use Components - download 22 MB
              (e.g. 23AEZ, 43ABY, etc.)

1949 Edition 900,109A "Catalog of Navy type Electronic Material"

please let me know if you have any additional sections to loan for scanning